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Norah Jones: Don’t Know Why

I had no idea that Norah Jones is the daughter of Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar. It was the most surprising thing I’ve learned since starting this blog in March.

For some reason — coincidence perhaps — the usual sources, such as Wikipedia and allmusic, tend to stay pretty close to Jones’ biography and away from commentary on her style, except in the broadest terms. Here is representative copy about her at NNDB.

In any case, she’s quietly spectacular. Here she is singing “Don’t Know Y” on Sesseme Street. It’s classic. At some point, I am going to compile some of the great performances by musicians on the show. They demonstrate how spectacularly talented these musicians are.

Here are “Happy Pills, ” “Tennessee Waltz “(with Bonnie Raitt) and  “Love Me Tender.” She as an official site, of course, and a very complete unofficial one. Here is her page on NPR.