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John Fahey: “On the Sunny Side of the Ocean”

John Fahey is one of the most unique guitarists ever. He was eccentric–I’ve heard a few stories over the years–and very influential.

Here are In Christ There is No East or West and Steamboat Gwine Round da Bend. The later is from the album Of Rivers and Religionwhich is a masterpiece. I’m no expert, but it seems to me that he took music from the area around New Orleans, slowed it down and drew out its poignant nature. But please correct me if that’s off base.

I highly recommend this version of Phil Phillips’ Sea of Love because it’s great and shows just how different Fahey was.

Fahey died in 2001. Here is an article about Fahey that originally appeared in The New York Times–I’ll try to change the link to the original later–and Fahey’s site.