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Slam Stewart: “Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Gosh”

This is an odd tribute post.

My daughter is a senior at Binghamton University in upstate New York. Early on, our family visited and went with her to a restaurant called the “Whole in the Wall.” We had nice meal.

There was an older gentleman who played piano very well, but quietly. It was as if he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. We began talking, and it turned out he was a very nice guy and had quite a musical history.

We ate there several times over the three-plus years since, and he and I would chat each time. One of the people he said that he had played with was the bassist Slam Stewart.

He didn’t look very well the last time we were there, and I just heard from my daughter that the man — whose name I don’t know — passed away. This post is for him.

Here is more on Stewart. He played bass behind Sam Gaillard on the great song “Flat Foot Floogie (With the Floy Floy),” which was a novelty song which became a hit.