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The Pretenders: Brass in Pocket and My City Was Gone

My City Was Gone seems like a pretty good way to sum up 2012 for a lot of people.

Two sites offer opinions on what songs are the top ten for the band. One is a straight list and the second starts with an essay about Hynde and the band:

If there had never been such a thing as Chrissie Hynde someone would certainly have needed to invent her: The Ohio born singer-songwriter and frontwoman of the Pretenders emerged from the teeming hothouse of late 1970′s London like Athena cracked forcefully from the skull of Zeus. Hynde the writer and performer was fully formed and completely wonderful — a distinctly feminine (and feminist) counterpoint to the nearly overwhelming crush of alpha-male performers ranging from Elvis Costello to Joe Strummer to Nick Lowe to the still-looming presence of ex-Pistol John Lydon, beginning the first stages of rebuilding his caustic social critique as Public Image Limited. Continue Reading…