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Dressed for (Post) Success

There was always something about The Rolling Stones I couldn’t stand. It was confusing, because I love the music.

Now I know what it is.

Forget Jagger — the front guy has to dress up (and even his Bar Mitzvah MC get up is a bit subdued). It seems that the rest have decided to just show up and play rock and roll. That’s far better than the posturing, studied coolness and self-reverence that always characterized the band. It was okay in, say, 1970. But it got dumber, more embarrassing and finally a bit creepy as times changed and decades passed.

Now The Stones finally look like what they are: Old guys who still know how to rock. There is nothing wrong with that. Just ask Neil Young. It’s kind of funny: After about 1980 The Rolling Stones became the world’s best Rolling Stones tribute band (probably). Maybe they actually can become creative again. The new song, Doom and Gloomis good.

Above is Sympathy for the Devil from the November 25 show with the great Mick Taylor on lead.

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