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Heavyball: “The Perils of Midweek Drinking” and “Another Country”

The band has a refreshing sound. “Another Country” is a masterpiece—both song and video. Some of the visuals are striking. The band likely will appeal to anyone who liked Squeeze and the Brit rockers of that era. It’s from the album “Black Eye Diaries.” The newer album is “When Can You Start?” which is the reviews say is the story of a week in the office. It features “The Perils of Midweek Drinking.” Click here or on the image for the Amazon and click here for iTunes.
In December, The Daily Music Break posted the first video from the band Wartoad. Subsequently, Quite Great Communications, its PR representatives, sent information about Heavyball, another of its clients.

Heavyball is fun, as any band must be that releases a song entitled “The Perils of Midweek Drinking” (above). The main lyrics, sung with increasing urgency and subtle loss of control and helplessness: “Oh my god that beer tastes good…I want another…and another.” That’s repeated with cigarettes and finally whiskey.

Heavyball was formed in Nottingham, England, by brothers Habs and Bigface Salisbury. Those, hopefully, are not their given first names. Tom “Stone Cold” Frost is the lead guitarist and Johnny Iball is on bass. Here is the band’s website.

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