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Hot Tuna: “Hesitation Blues”

It’s ironic that a band that started as an informal side project from two of the pillars of The Jefferson Airplane — Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady — has outlasted the band and its various reincarnations by decades.

The above video of Hesitation Blues, which was written by Rev. Gary Davis, is virtually identical to the version of Hesitation Blues on Hot Tuna’s 1970 debut album, except that the latter version was live. Players have filtered in and out over the years and the style toggles between folk and rock, but Hot Tuna — and the two main players — endures.

Here is Candyman, another Davis tune. The last few seconds features some history from Kaukonen and Casady. A deeper history and information on the current tour is here.

More Hot Tuna on Monday afternoon.

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