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My Family Has Gone to the Dogs…

…and it’s a good thing.

The David Scott Weaver Band performed last week before an audience of German Shepherds, Corgis, Labs, mutts and a few humans who snuck in.

The Daily Biscuit music critic arrives.

The event was Barktoberfest, a benefit sponsored by Friends of Homeless Animals. FOHA is a no-kill shelter in Aldie, VA. It’s a very worthy cause and, of course, donations are welcome.

The band is David Weaver on guitar and vocals, Jeff Becker on bass and vocals, Steve Caplan on drums and my brother Walter Weinschenk on lead guitar.

Soon after these songs, the band started playing “I Shall be Re-leashed” and the audience stormed the stage. Luckily, a squirrel wandered in and the dogs were distracted for a couple of seconds and forgot why they were angry. The band was able to sneak out the back. When asked how the set went, David Weaver said “Ruff.” He added that it probably was a good thing they didn’t get to the encore, Squeeze’s “Cool for Cats.”

Above is “Was a Time” and below is the Townes Van Zandt song “Rex’s Blues.”