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Podcast: Doug MacLeod and the Blues

A Conversation with Doug MacLeod:

Doug MacLeod is a bluesman, which I believe he would consider a great compliment–it certainly is meant that way. His nature comes through in his response to a question posed to him by The Daily Music Break:

I’m really kind of ‘old school’ in the sense that I travel with just one guitar a National M-1 I call Moon ( it does picking, bottlenecking, and all the different tunings) and one suitcase. There was a guy that said I travel just like the old country bluesmen. I said, “Not quite – They hopped trains. That’s a Honda Accord waiting for me out there in the parking lot.”

Doug’s music has been recorded by Albert King, Albert Collins, Eva Cassidy, Son Seals, and Papa John Creach. His work has been featured on made-for-television and the show “In The Heat of The Night” and others.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Doug last week. The dog that chimes in toward the end is mine. It’s amazing how he can sleep all day and wake up and bark precisely when I am doing a podcast.

Above is “Rosa Lee” and below is “You Can’t Take My Blues.” The song at the beginning and end of the podcast is “A Ticket Out.” His website is here.

Homepage photo: Jeff Fasano