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Searching for Final Vinyl

A nice story at Wenatchee World – in Washington State – about 20-year-old Dustin Hays. His dad gave him a partial collection of 45s from Julian Records, an old local label. The son is trying to complete the set and donate them to the town museum. The label was founded by DJ  Don Julian Bernier in 1960:

At the height of Beatlemania, Bernier pressed dozens of records for local garage bands, including The Chargers, Aztecs and Billy & the Kids. The musicians, mostly middle- and high school-aged kids, played dances and clubs throughout North Central Washington. The last record, by Frank Cook & the Nightraiders, was released around 1968.

Hays says that he has 10 of about 15 records released by the label, which signed 11 bands over ten years.