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Sofia: “The Waters of March” (“Aguas de Marco”)

Music really is universal. “The Waters of March” (“Aguas de Marco”) is a beautiful samba or bossa nova song (I am unsure of the distinction. Pls. let me know in the comments) written by Antonio Carlos Jobim (“The Girl From Ipenema”). The above version is just great — and is done by Sofia, who is from the Philippines.

It’s a funny story:

Sofia became the featured artist in a bossa-inspired album project of Ivory Records by accident. After graduating, she was on her way to Japan to pursue her research scholarship grant to study hematology when she was asked to help gather research materials for the project, since she was into bossa nova since she was in high school. Aside from helping out for the lyrics, CDs, and other research materials, she was also asked to submit a demo tape so that Ivory Records would know what bossa sounds like. Sofia submitted a demo tape of the song “Desafinado“. The record company was impressed, and then she was tapped to be a session singer. Eventually she was chosen to be the featured artist for the album.

She’s great, but the director should switch to decaf.