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Tadd Dameron: “Dameronia” and “On a Misty Night”

It’s a shame how many great musicians don’t have much video — for any — of them actually playing. Seeing these greats is half the fun. Sometimes, in the absence of video, there is a nice photo collage. Some of them are quite good. Sometimes, there is just one still or a shot of the album cover.

This is understandable, of course, for those of the 1930s and before. It also is true, unfortunately, of some later musicians, particularly in jazz.

That’s to say that I couldn’t find any video of composer, arranger and pianist Tadd Dameron. Here he is with two other giants: Above is “Dameronia,” with Fats Navarro. Below is “On a Misty Night,” with John Coltrane.

Here is Scott Yanow’s profile of Dameron at AllMusic.