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Matt Siffert: “Daybreak in Alabama” and “Riverside Drive”


This is new music from Matt Siffert, whose debut EP, Morningside, is set for release on June 26.

Here is what Siffert says about himself:

Matt Siffert is a New York-based composer, songwriter, and  bassist. He is committed to these duties as individual crafts, as well  as exploring the connections between all three. As a composer, he has premiered music locally at the Kaufman Center and Steinway Hall , as well as internationally in Cuba and Croatia. He  has worked with groups such as Trio Kavak and the International  Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). As a songwriter, he has been a fellow at the Johnny Mercer Songwriters Workshop at Northwestern University.

Morningside, he writes, “weaves my interests  in  instrumental composition and songwriting, much in the style of Gabriel  Kahane. My ensemble features piano, percussion, French  horn, cello, and me on bass and vocals.” Asked to send links representing artists who influenced him, Siffert sent Kahane’s Charming Disease, which features the Mivos Quartet.