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Black 47: Funky Céilí

For Columbus Day, here is a look at some folks who came to America and thrived. Black 47 has been playing around New York City for years. Here is a bit of its profile at Last.fm:

If anyone is left standing, it’ll be Black 47. The band is celebrating an astonishing 20 years of rocking the world with the Celtic-influenced genre it pioneered, not to mention championing various political and social issues. Known for its partying as much as its politics, Black 47 has released 13 albums on major and indie labels, toured the world and blown the genre of Celtic rock wide open for many a band to follow.

and an interesting FAQ at the band’s site  and a blog by lead singer Larry Kirwan.

Other Black 47 songs:

Green Suede Shows

Five Points

Maria’s Wedding

The Big Fellah