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Merry Christmas From Run-DMC and TDMB

The best Christmas song ever. And not by a little bit.

Also check out “King of Rock,” featuring old David Letterman stooge Larry “Bud” Melman. Here is more on Run-DMC:

Run-D.M.C. exploded out of Hollis, Queens, in 1983, changing the sound of rap music, street fashion and popular culture in general. Their approach was stripped-down and spare, and they innovated by rapping over rock beats, even incorporating hard-rock guitar samples on occasion. Most important they stayed true to the realities of the street. Their first release, the 12-inch single “It’s Like That”/”Sucker MCs” inaugurated a revolution in rap. Released on Profile Records and produced by Kurtis Blow, it was the first rap single with a hard beat and stripped-down, no-nonsense delivery. Continue Reading….

Merry Christmas from TDMB.