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Sea Shanties: “South Australia” and “Drunken Sailor”

Sea Chanties are great. Rob Ossian’s Pirate Cove has a wealth of good information. Wikipedia defines them well:

A shanty (also spelled “chantey,” “chanty”) is a type of work song that was once commonly sung to accompany labor on board large merchant sailing vessels. The term shanty most accurately refers to a specific style of work song belonging to this historical repertoire, however in recent, popular usage, the scope of its definition is sometimes expanded to admit a wider range of repertoire and characteristics, or to refer to a “maritime work song” in general. (Continue Reading…)

Here is a long list of sea shanties. Above is “South Australia” by Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends and below is a nice rendition of “Drunken Sailor,” the best known shanty, by one of the millions of unknown but very talented folks who post videos at YouTube.