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Seu Jorge Renews Samba

I cross post The Daily Music Break at Daily Kos. A commenter there pointed out Seu Jorge, who he or she had seen in the Wes Anderson/Bill Murray film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Here is the beginning of Seu Jorge’s profile at Wikipedia:

Seu Jorge (born June 8, 1970; Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈsew ˈʒɔʁʒi]) is a Brazilian musician, singer/songwriter and actor. Born Jorge Mário da Silva, he was raised in a favela in what is now known as the city of Belford Roxo. Belford Roxo is located north of city of Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro state in the Baixada Fluminense region. When he was 19, he became homeless and remained homeless for 3 years, nonetheless, his musical talent flourished when he was living in the streets and he became known in the “favelas”. Due to its proximity, Belford Roxo is considered part of the larger metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro. He is considered by many a renewer of Brazilian pop samba. Seu Jorge cites samba schools, and American soul singer Stevie Wonder as major musical influences.[2] (Continue  Reading…)

Above in Portuguese is the David Bowie song Changes,  which he performed in City of God, which was his first movie. Below is a duet with Ana Carolina. The name of the song is É isso Aí. 

Seu Jorge’s can be heard in in interview embedded in NPR’s World Cafe, which also offers nice feature story.

Here is Ana Carolina, Seu Jorge – É Isso Aí (The Blower’s Daughter) featuring Jorge and Ana Carolina.

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