Happy New Year from Phish and Jimi Hendrix


TDMB wishes everyone a healthy and happy 2013. The Phish video, which is from New Year’s 2010/11, is long but very funny.



  • Sammy

    Happy New Year, indeed, Carl!
    That’s a truly great NYE video. Even if you’re not a Phish fan, do yourself a favor & check it out… it’ll make you smile!

    I was fortunate enough to see Phish numerous times throughout the ’90s… These guys always seem to be on top of their game; I never saw an “off” night.

    I was even “fortunate” enough to be at the Walnut Creek show that’s available on dvd.

    To quote from show review notes: “The first set of this show was performed during a furious lightning storm; during Taste, the band even jammed along with the thunder and lightning….”

    Even drenched out on the lawn, it was quite an experience. I’m just glad we all survived!

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