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Kate Bush Tours for the Second Time Since 1978

Kate Bush, Madonna and Michael Jackson were born within a month of each other during the summer of 1958. Bush made more of a name for herself in Great Britain than in the U.S. The profiles–and a look at the videos–suggest that she uses stage theatrics similar to Madonna or, perhaps more accurately, Lady Gaga.

It’s been a strange career. She was discovered as a teen by a family friend and brought to the attention of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, who arranged for a demo and a contract with EMI, according to AllMusic. She toured – in 1978 – and then stopped performing live outside of occasional charity events. Her second tour undertaken concluded earlier this fall. Here is a review in The Guardian.

Bush has won every sort of award. The Wikipedia said that she was named the Best British Female artist in 2002 and has been nominated for three Grammys. Her 1980 album “Never Forever” was the first British female solo performer to have an album enter the UK charts at number one. She is the only female artist to have top five albums in the U.K. in five successive decades and, this August, became the first female to have eight albums in the U.K. top 40 simultaneously. She had 11 albums in the top 50 at that point. Elvis Presley is the only person who had more, with 12 in 1977. The Beatles had 11 in 2009.

Her style is eclectic and edgy, according to the profiles. Above is “Babooshka” and below is her first big hit, “Wuthering Heights.”

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