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New Music: Lights & Motion

Here is what Deep Elm Records says about the band Lights and Motion:

Epic. Stunning. Moving. Deep. Spectacular. Brilliant. Magical. Inspirational. Captivating. Masterful. Perfect. Those are just a handful of the words used by the media to describe the music of cinematic post rock powerhouse LIGHTS & MOTION. The band’s debut, Reanimation (released in January 2013), has been called “the greatest debut album in post rock history” and “album of the year” by several critics.

This is from the press release from “The March,” which is above:

Deep Elm Records is pleased to announce the official release of the music video for “The March” from the critically-acclaimed debut “Reanimation” by cinematic post-rock powerhouse LIGHTS & MOTION. The video was directed by Swedish cinematographer Fredrik Sellergren. This album (as well as Deep Elm’s entire catalog of 200+ releases) is now available on a Name Your Price basis here.

Soon after the completion of a successful crowd-funding campaign for the video, primary shooting began at the Delsjon Nature Reserve in the band’s hometown of Gothenberg, Sweden with additional footage captured a month earlier at Trollveggen (The Troll Wall) in Norway. The video features actors Danielle De Vries (of The Gothenburg Opera Dance Company) and Joakim Envik Karlsson (a freelance dancer and film director). Vidar Hwang also assisted during the shoot. (Continue Reading…)

As the second excerpt notes, Deep Elm is a name your price label, which is great.