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Nicole Atkins Looks Amazing

H/T: Luke P.

I remember the first song I heard by Dire Straits. It was “Sultans of Swing,” which of course became a mega-hit. I turned on the radio after it started so I didn’t know who was singing. I remember thinking that Dylan had released a very good new song.

I was reminded of that while listening to Nicole Atkins’ terrific “Girl You Look Amazing.” Listen to it and I believe it is clear who she sounds like. Unlike Knopfler — who always sounds like Dylan — this seems to be a one-shot thing for Atkins. Perhaps it’s a bit of a shout out.

This is from the profile at Atkins’ site:

A neon noir tour de force of hi-def late-night pop, Slow Phaser marks Nicole Atkins’ most ingenious and indelibly modern collection to date. Produced by Tore Johannson – with whom she partnered on her now-classic 2007 debut, Neptune City – the album is a milestone for the acclaimed singer/songwriter, her restless creativity fully realized via the addition of some surprising colors to her already diverse paintbox. Songs like the poptastic “Girl You Look Amazing” and the sultry “Red Ropes” positively swirl with day-glo danceability, the bright hues setting Atkins’ distinctive creative voice in a brilliant and undeniable new light. Bittersweet yet life affirming, Slow Phaser is Nicole Atkins at her confident and unpredictable best – spirited, sexy, and determinedly forward thinking. (Continue Reading…)

Wikipedia has the bio:

Atkins was born in Neptune, New Jersey. She grew up in Shark River Hills, a middle class enclave within Neptune overlooking the Shark River.[4][5] Atkins has cited the river (technically a bay) as a major inspiration for her music, particularly the imagery of “the river in the rain” found in the title track on her album Neptune City.[6] She started playing piano when she was aged nine and taught herself to play guitar at 13.[7] She eschewed more popular acts of the day for musical groups her parents listened to, such as The Ronettes and Johnny Cash. She has cited The Sundays’ Harriet Wheeler as a major early influence. (Continue Reading…)

The new album is “Slow Phaser.” Jim Farber offered a positive review in The New York Daily News:

Nicole Atkins has a bullet-proof voice. Gleaming in tone, piercing in volume and unstoppable in attitude, it rips right through you.

It’s the ideal vehicle for a song like “Cool People,” which could become the anti-Williamsburg anthem of all time. It’s a sarcastic takedown of hipster culture, delivered with a confidence that, ironically, makes Atkins seem like the coolest person in the room.  (Continue Reading…)

Below is “Promised Land.”

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