Were you there? Do you love a band enough to care about what songs they played at a concert you did not attend? Regardless, many of these lists are quite interesting.

Playlist Research
Playlist Research is working on creating an archive of playlists from every genre. We’ve entered an age in which the album has been replaced by the playlist as people program their own music for business and pleasure. The above genres represent pages that have useful musical information and sample playlists.
[] considers a setlist to be the list of the songs a band or artist actually played during a concert. Anyone who likes to share their knowledge about setlists is welcome to add and edit setlists (please take a look at our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Ad Choices). Note that signing up to is required in order to edit and add setlists. Please be sure to take a look at the guidelines before editing setlists.

The Leningrad Cowboys has no “about page” but the site does say that it has more than 128,000 shows listed

Some of the things you can do at Setlisting:

–See the setlist (which songs were played) at previous concerts and easily browse any artists entire concert history.
–Dive into detailed statistics on artists, songs and concerts.
–Track your own concert history and get your own personalized statistics.
–Contribute by adding your own experiences, reviews, concert posters and more.

Setify is a web app and Chrome Extension for converting gig setlists to Spotify and Apple Music playlists. It’s great for reminiscing over previously attended concerts or for preparing for an upcoming show.