Rating Music

The Three Rs: Rankings, Ratings and Reviews

Album of the Year
To find and share the best new music of the year.

Metacritic’s mission is to help consumers make an informed decision about how to spend their time and money on entertainment. We believe that multiple opinions are better than one, user voices can be as important as critics, and opinions must be scored to be easy to use.

Only Solitaire
A gentleman by the name of George Starostin has been writing essays and reviews about rock for a very long time. Indeed, it’s sort of mind boggling. The main page is linked to above. Here is an index of bands – 390 — he has covered and a separate blog.

Dame Vera Lynn

Ranker aims to be the definitive source of rankings on everything from film to sports to food. We believe the opinion of millions is more relevant (and far more predictive) than the opinion of one writer or critic.

Rate Your Music
RYM is a community-built music and film database where you can rate, review, catalog and discover new music and films as well as participate in contributing to the database itself. What can you do here? Research music and film, cross-referenced by artist, label, location, and genre. Charts: browse the charts to find the best (or worst) releases by any criteria, such as genre, location, release type, and more.

uDiscover’s take on the best in many categories.