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This section is a mix of blogs and music sites. It includes rock-specific sites, broader music sites and general interest site. The key is that they have extensive coverage of rock music.

From TFGL4LIFE asks: I just found your site from the Google news page and love it but I can’t understand why you call it anti-music.
This is probably one of the most common questions we get emailed about. I might have answered it here in the past but it gets asked again. The name is meant partially to be ironic. A music site called antiMUSIC. But the name originally came from a line in the book “Broken Record: The Inside Story of the Grammy Awards” by Henry Schipper. He recounts in the book that the Academy and their awards program were initially set up as the old-line music biz’s answer to the growth of Rock n Roll, a form of music they considered Anti-Music. Seemed like an appropriate name for us and a celebration of rock.

Any Decent Music?
Here’s how it works: The Recent Releases chart brings together critical reaction to new albums from more than 50 sources worldwide. It’s updated daily. Albums qualify with 5 reviews, and drop out after 6 weeks into the longer timespan charts

Best Classic Bands
We merge the best aspects of superior rock journalism with the vitality of the digital age to provide a comprehensive and authoritative online resource, news hub and lifestyle destination for followers of the golden age of rock – from the 1960s into the early 1990s – and new acts that continue the style, sound and spirit today. is a website dedicated to heavy metal and hard rock news, as well as album and music DVD reviews. (Description: Wikipedia)

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles is a Canadian heavy metal magazine. Although based in Canada, BW&BK features writers from the US, Germany and the UK, allowing the magazine to represent metal music from an international prospective.
Who sang that song that you have stuck in your head? How high did it climb on the charts and in what year? You can find out in our Who Sang That Hit? Section. Explore the facts behind the deaths of some of the music world’s biggest stars Read all about Rock and Roll’s Unsolved Mysteries.

Eric Clapton (Photo: Ericclapoton007)

Classics Du Jour
Welcome to Classics Du Jour (CDJ), your home for everything Classic Rock!

More than just a music platform, Classics Du Jour is a lifestyle related to all things within the Classic Rock genre. From up-to-the-minute, focused Rock music news and deep content about your favorite artists to cool contests and music-related promotions, Classics Du Jour is the one place to find it all!

Classic Rock History
There doesn’t seem to be an “about” page on this site. It focuses on top 10 songs and albums, along with other articles.

Classic Rock Revisited
I suppose I get the distinction of being the one who started Classic Rock Revisited. The site was born on August 1, 1999. Now, if you had no idea that we had been around that long then don’t lose sleep because it was a couple of years before we went from being a fan site to rock n’ roll online magazine business sort of thang. The site actually started because I was upset that mainstream press outlets were not supporting the artists I loved anymore. Instead of seeing featured articles on Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick, Rush or Blue Oyster Cult, all anyone wanted to write about was Grunge. My wife, Patty, got tired of hearing me complain and suggested I do something about it. We didn’t even have the internet at the time. We looked into starting a print mag but the costs scared us off. We bought a computer, got the internet, got a copy of Microsoft FrontPage and we were off and running.

Danny Coleman’s Rock on Radio
Danny Coleman has said, “My cousin gave me, ‘Led Zeppelin IV’ for my twelfth birthday and it literally changed my life forever.” The receipt of that record was the impetus behind a career in music; eventually leading him to become a published entertainment journalist and radio personality.

Faced with having to re-invent himself after several difficult life events including an unexpected severe back injury, he returned to the one constant in his life: music.

Darren’s Music Blog
Welcome to my music blog. I have fairly varied tastes in music: folk, rock, glam, heavy metal and more. My first ever gig was the Donington Monsters of Rock festival (Slade, Whitesnake, AC/DC… written up here) back in 1981, aged 15. Live music has been an important part of my life ever since but back in Spring 2014 when I began this blog, finding I had more free evenings than I used to, one of the things I was determined to do was see more live bands.
‘ explores the past, present and future of the coolest alternative, rock and pop artists from the ‘80s, ‘90s and beyond.

Digital Dream Door
In September, 2003 I put up pages for ‘Greatest Guitarists’ (From Guitar magazine), ‘Greatest Rock Artists’, ‘Rock Albums’ and ‘Rock Songs’ (from VH1). When the ‘Rolling Stone’ Greatest Guitarists list came out, I found it on their website to check it out. Then I saw where people could put in their comments about the list. After two hours of reading the comments, I wondered what people would say about the ‘Guitar Magazine’ list. So I added a comments forum under the list. After a few weeks of comments I decided to make my own list based on the comments. And let people who viewed it give their advice on how to make it better. I also did the same thing with the ‘VH1’ lists.

Not long after this I started getting e-mails from people volunteering more lists.

Now this website has over 200 Music & Movie lists that are revised fairly regularly as your comments are reviewed and judged by the editor of each list.

Dinosaur Rock Guitar
What is this site all about and who runs it? Dinosaur Rock Guitar is a place for old-school hard rock and heavy metal guitarists. We refer to ourselves as Dinosaurs, and this site is our community watering hole.

Drowned in Sound
Drowned in Sound, sometimes abbreviated to DiS, is a UK-based music webzine financed by artist management company Silentway. Founded by editor Sean Adams, the site features reviews, news, interviews, and discussion forums.

Evolution of Rock Music
Welcome to the Evolution of Rock music blog! This blog is dedicated to teach you more about rock music and how it came to be what it is now. Rock music was discovered over 50 years ago and it has changed a lot since then, this blog tells you how rock music evolved from the very beginning. Not only does this blog educate you on how the music evolved, it even has a music tab so you can listen to rock music of all time periods! Also, go have a look at the pictures tab to see different rock bands from different time periods.

Duke Ellington

The Elvis Information Network
The Elvis Information Network (EIN) is one of the world’s most respected Elvis websites and fan clubs. Our web site receives more than 1 million hits each month and is one of only two Elvis web sites to provide daily updates for fans in more than 100 countries around the globe.

The FinalVinyl
This site is about obscure rock bands from the sixties to the eighties. They are from the era when records were the dominant audio medium and some of them can only be found on vinyl. Some groups released a single album in their brief history while others have been around for years but never reaching superstar status. They all shared the same goal, to be successful, but when fame and fortune eluded them they decided to call it quits. A lot of good music has slipped into history and may have only been heard by a limited audience. This site is dedicated to those lesser know bands, their dreams and the music that they produced.

Since 1974, Goldmine has been the world’s most renowned publication for music collectibles and music memorabilia, covering all genres, but anchored in rock and roll. Each issue features articles about and interviews with recording stars of the past and present, as well as reviews of new releases and music collecting news and tips. Goldmine is available by subscription and also sold at select Barnes & Noble and Books A Million stores.

Heavy Consequence
Metal and core news, features, interviews, premieres, and more. (Editor’s Note: From the folks at Consequence of Sound)

History of Rock ‘n Roll: The Golden Decade 1954 – 1963
This web page attempts to explore the roots of rock in such a way as to illuminate the natural progression of musical styles. Too often the study of rock begins with Bill Haley and His Comets and includes scant information about the blues and rhythm records that he, and others, used as a model. A musical genre does not simply appear, it gradually evolves to a point in time when some event-performance, publication, or  recording allows listeners to perceive its unique qualities and apply a label.

I Like Your Old Stuff
I Like Your Old Stuff is a music channel and community for classic albums, iconic artists, videos, playlists, tours & news from the past & present giants of music. From our Aussie legends to Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Bowie and Prince, or Led Zeppelin, Stone Temple Pilots and everything that’s good from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s – we’re into it, and we want to share it with you. We’re passionate music fans, just like you, who love to share our music memories and experiences with the artists we love.

Jambands was founded in 1998 by a team of individuals eager to spread the good word about a variety of bands then ignored by the mainstream media. While other outlets caught on (eventually), we’re still here, sharing the good word. is a part of the Relix Media Group LLC and shares a variety of resources with the mighty Relix Magazine.

A Journal of Musical Things
If you’re into music discovery and would like to make your music collection more interesting, you came to the right place. On my website and radio show (also available on my YouTube channel), I focus on classic alternative rock and what that music means to the music of today. 

Japanese rock and visual kei news for fans around the world.

Kerrang! is a British weekly magazine devoted to rock and metal music, currently published by Wasted Talent (the same company that owns electronic music publication Mixmag). It was first published on 6 June 1981 as a one-off supplement in the Sounds newspaper. Named after the onomatopoeic word that derives from the sound made when playing a power chord on a distorted electric guitar, Kerrang! was initially devoted to the new wave of British heavy metal and the rise of hard rock acts.[2] In the early 2000s it became the best-selling British music weekly. (Description: Wikipedia)

Louder is the home of Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Prog and Blues magazines, and with a combined reach of over four million followers on social media, we’re the most influential rock-specific website in the world. Alt.rock, indie, alternative, hard rock, heavy metal, prog, punk, blues, rock’n’roll and everything in-between are covered on Louder – making it the place to visit for the best coverage of the music you love and care about. Louder brings you the latest news in rock’n’roll. We’ll bring you original quotes and exclusive access. And we’ll tell the stories and share the opinions that matter.

Louie Louie
This site was first started in August 1995. After an extensive search of the then present WWW I couldn’t find nothing about neither Richard Berry nor Louie Louie. Which surprised me, because the song had had a long history until then, culminating in a book about the song’s history, two compilation albums by Rhino Records and rumours of a Louie Louie marathon somewhere in the US, where apparently hundreds of version had been played for days and days at a stretch (no pun intended).
Loudwire is the biggest hard rock and metal site on the web. Deeply respected by both artists and fans, the site’s diligent coverage of the top metal and hard rock news extends to its nationally syndicated radio show, Loudwire Nights.

Make Weird Music
Welcome to Make Weird Music! Thanks for visiting! My name is Anthony Garone and this site is my zero-profit passion project. I’ve been playing guitar since 1996 and have been listening to lots of weird music thanks to my father’s record and tape collection, which consisted of bands like Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa, King Crimson, and other cool stuff.


Metal Music Archives
There are a surprising number of metal genres and subgenres, including alternative metal, avant-garde metal, black metal, death metal, doom metal, drone metal, folk metal, glam metal, gothic metal, grindcore, groove metal, hardrock, hardcore punk, heavy metal, industrial metal, metalcore, neoclassical metal, power metal, progressive metal, sludge metal, speed metal, stoner metal, symphonic metal, thrash metal, trance metal, US power metal and Viking metal.

Mix Bag
Dance music + Club Culture

Modern Rock Review
Our site was conceived in July 2008, as a place for legitimate music analysis on the internet. The site itself did not get implemented until two years later, on October 10, 2010 (10/10/10) with a huge career-spanning profile of the rock band The Badlees. Since then, we have done several more comprehensive profiles on artists with great talent and longevity. We aim to become a respected source of well-written and accurate information for music lovers and historians.

The music institution known as MOJO debuted in the form of a magazine on the news-stands of Britain in 1993. Its inaugural cover story was an account of the complex relationship between Bob Dylan and John Lennon. There was general amazement that the age of soundbite culture should spawn a magazine that revelled in 16-page features of uncompromising quality. Ever since, it has revelled in the stories of music’s all-time greats and recommended new music of quality and integrity: the classics of now and tomorrow.

The iconic brand now is far broader than in its early days. The site has a music section, though.

Music VF
This site seems to feature a very wide array of current and historically charts from the U.K. and U.S. Sorted by year, decade and artist. There are links to other chart sites, which seems a bit redundant, to be honest.
The only site or blog for which I could find no description. Music coverage, not sure if it focuses on Kentucky or they just thought it is a cool name.

New Musical Express’s website was launched in 1996, and became the world’s biggest standalone music site, with over sixteen million users per month. With newsstand sales falling across the UK magazine sector, the magazine’s paid circulation in the first half of 2014 was 15,830. In 2013, its list of the ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time’ and the way it was conceived was criticized by the media. In September 2015, the NME magazine was relaunched to be distributed nationally as a free publication. (Description: Wikipedia)

No Fear of Pop
No Fear of Pop was founded in Berlin in late February 2010. It is a website about music of whatever genre and of whatever origin that seeks to transcend the habitual preconceptions about the ‘modern’ in contemporary popular culture. The music written about will be pop in the broadest, most liberal sense of the term, rejecting accustomed dichotomies between the underground and the established – read mainstream. We believe that the music that you’ll find on this site is not to be missed within the context of the pop tropes of today and tomorrow.

If you love the music put out on those little 45 R.P.M. records with the big hole, the radio stations and disc jockeys who played them, this place is devoted to them.
OnStage Magazine is your online source for music news, thought provoking articles, artist interviews, in-depth concert coverage and great photos by experienced music photographers across North America.
Top 100 songs each year from 1900 to 2016, with links to audio/video.

Prog Archives
The Prog Archives Web site Project came out from a common dream of a small group of fanatic progressive rock music collectors who decided to develop a WEB SITE for the online progressive rock music community, with the goal of providing extensive Progressive Rock Music information, as well as interaction features for the prog surfers.

The Prog Report
Established in 2013, The Prog Report is one of the premiere sources for all things prog or progressive rock including album reviews, news, concerts, interviews, and more, with a focus on the modern era of prog and new prog rock. We occasionally feature some hard rock and metal acts as well.

Punk News was founded in 1998 by Aubin Paul. We published our first story in October of 1999. Our mandate is to provide an inclusive community-based site for the delivery and discussion of music news surrounding punk, ska, hardcore, emo, metal and indie.

For over twenty years has been providing relevant, metal, hardcore, hard rock, etc. news, reviews, release dates and more to a strong and diverse community of readers. As a site we pride ourselves on helping to introduce new and upcoming artists, while also keeping up to date with many of the current mainstream heavyweights.

The Real Woodstock Story
Woodstock 1969 is to this day the most historic music festival in history. It marked the height of peaceful counterculture revolution, Woodstock sent a message to the world just before the intense wave of dissent washed back to sea. Embodied in this music festival is an entire set of ideals which are just as prevalent in today’s society as they were in 1969. This is a celebration of everything that Woodstock 1969 stood for. We aim to support the ideas of peace, love, and unity by any possible means. The Woodstock nation has not forgot about what made the festival more than about the music.

RelixMedia Group is a multifaceted, innovative, open-minded and creative resource for the live music scene. We are a passionate mix of writers, photographers, videographers, event coordinators, musicians and industry professionals. But, above all, we are music lovers. Our mission is to seek out exciting, innovative performers and foster the live music community by connecting with the people who matter most: the fans.

Robert Christgau
Hi. I’m Robert Christgau. I’ve written about rock and roll, popular and semipopular music, and popular culture since 1967. This is my website, and herein you will find as much of my writing as we can put up. This includes my Consumer Guide to over 13,000 records, my books, essays from my Village Voice Rock&Roll column, other music writings, book reviews, and more.

Following in the footsteps of the Magnum picture collective and inspired by the digital revolution, photographer Jill Furmanovsky registered a website called in 1998. The idea behind it was to make her work, and that of other rock photographers and visual artists, more accessible to fans and collectors.

To launch the project, Jill selected 30 classic black and white images of major rock artists from her 30 year archive, to make into an edition of 30 darkroom prints. Edition 30/30/30 as it became known, was the first collection for an innovative and original project that now publishes more than 750 images by 60 photographers and art-directors.

Buddy Bolden (holding cornet)

Rock Cellar Magazine
Rock Cellar Magazine is a rock music and pop culture destination with features, columns, breaking news and subscriber-only promotions.

Rockers and Other Animals
Rockers And Other Animals, created by Valeria Campagnale, is born from the passion for hard rock. After a long experience in this publishing world, for Italy and abroad, this webzine is born to support live shows, clubs and bands.

Rock News Desk
I’m not sure precisely what this means, but it’s enough to let anyone interested what they will find at the site: “In 2011 Rock News Desk became the fastest-growing outlet for rock and metal news in the world. Now we’re providing coverage for Classic Rock Magazine instead.”

Rock and Roll Garage
Rock and Roll Garage was born in January 2016 and is a music website from Brazil written in english. Is place for music lovers, specially classic rock and heavy metal fans. The website was created by Rafael Polcaro, a brazilian journalist, classic rock and heavy metal lover and is dedicated to post news and articles about classic rock and metal bands.

We believe that music can change people’s lives, bring joy, empowerment and strength. Here we are committed to give people the best news and articles, always bringing the best journalism practices to give readers the greatest way to be informed and entertained. Rock And Roll Garage has a rock and roll soul that keeps going and keeping the classic rock alive!

Rock Sound
We are the real alternative. Rock Sound has consistently been first to cover the best new bands (as well as the biggest ones) in the alternative world.

Rock Star Dreams
We all have a rock star dream, whether it’s to be on stage or in the crowd. If you’re here, you love music! is a digital music magazine dedicated to sharing rad back stories one artist and band at a time!

We cover major and emerging artists from all genres of music including rock, hip-hop, punk, indie, country, metal, hardcore, pop and electronic. also features exclusive interviews, music news and reviews.

Rock Tour Database
Started this site as a place to put info I run across while researching for my other site THE CONCERT DATABASE. I’ve added a tip jar if the mood strikes you. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to donate. This is a labor of love and any amount is appreciated! To those that have donated – THANK YOU! PS – Keep level headed, healthy & safe out there. Interesting time to be alive. You really learn a lot about people.

Sleaze Roxx
Your one stop location to get all the information you need of your favorite ’80s hard rock and metal bands, and any upcoming new bands carrying the torch of quality hard rock / heavy metal music (as defined by Sleaze Roxx).

Society of Rock
Welcome to Society of Rock. Our mission is to bring you the best rock content on the web. We cover everything from hard rock, blues, metal, Southern, modern, and everything else!

On this site you will find the highest-quality articles written and produced and we love sharing our content on social media…Facebook especially. Our expert staff and writers have extensive knowledge in creating the best content you’ll find about rock music, trends, topics, and more.

Song Explorer
Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Each episode combines an interview with an artist with the isolated, individual tracks within one of their songs. Host Hrishikesh Hirway asks the artists to guide listeners through the different sounds and their creative decisions.

From the concert stage to the dressing room, from the recording studio to the digital realm, SPIN surveys the modern musical landscape and the culture around it with reporting, interviews, and a discerning critical ear.

Welcome to! We are a site created by music buffs—sharing our unique expertise and knowledge. We offer articles ranging from how to write jazz music to the craziest things Ozzy Osbourne ever did. If you’re looking for information that is music related, we are here to answer your questions!…Our goal at is to be the best place online to find high-quality, informative-style content. We are also a platform for enthusiasts and aficionados to create original, useful, in-depth content. In most cases, we pair our authors with professional editors to create a well-written, informative piece. is a site for finding and listening to surf bands, learning the history of surf music, and more. Our goal is to keep up with all the new bands, albums, movies, music gear (i.e. guitars, pedals, amps, robots), videos and news in the realm of surf music. For the most part, our site will be a surf music resource as well as a portal other websites related to surf guitar.)

Tinnitist = Darryl Sterdan. As his readers have reminded him for decades, he is an idiot with no taste in music. He is jealous of rock stars because he is old, ugly, totally uncool and has less talent in his whole body than they have in their little fingers. That’s why he lives in Winnipeg and has wasted his pathetic life writing bazillions of moronic CD reviews and pretending that he’s so smart. Well, here’s a news flash: He’s not. Seriously, who does he think he is? When has he ever made an album, gone on tour or won an award? And what’s with that gross beard? He should do the world a favour and get a real job because he sucks at this one.

Under Appreciated Rock Artists
Under Appreciated, Barely Appreciated, Somewhat Appreciated, Greatly Appreciated, Highly Appreciated. [Editor’s note: One of those odd sites that pops up once in a while. There are links to a large amount of artist and bands, many obscure, from Facebook.]

Way Back Attack
Keeping the Music of the ’50s and ’60s Alive.

Wolfgang’s was created in 2003, initially from the archives of famed concert promoter Bill Graham (born Wolfgang Grajonca). The collection not only included all of the concert memorabilia from the Bay Area dating back to the 1960s, but also the master recordings of these shows. Since then, Wolfgang’s has acquired dozens of memorabilia and audio/video archives, created new products exclusive to Wolfgang’s, and consigned third parties’ items – compiling what the Wall Street Journal called “The most important collection of rock memorabilia and recordings ever assembled in one business! (Description: Wikipedia)

Woodstock Wiki
If you were a hippie during the 60’s or early 70’s, Woodstock was a necessary sojourn along your road to nirvana. The music was comprehensive, the drugs were life-altering, and the casual sex was mind-numbing. As far as musical events go, there has since been none like it, and it retains its central position in American cultural geography even on its 40th anniversary.