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This was a bit of a tricky and perhaps overly broad category. Music of course has an overwhelming presence in a wide variety of media. This list simply represents a good start on an essentially endless collection.

Acoustic Café
Acoustic Café is a two hour weekly radio show, and an independent media production of RDR Radio, LLC. The program is produced and hosted by Rob Reinhart, who started the show in 1995. Find us on iTunes, Streema, Streamitter & Tuneinlanet.

Each week, listeners around the globe tune in to Acoustic Café to hear the latest from today’s great songwriting talents. It’s hard to put a definitive label on Acoustic Café’s music selections. After all, a good song is a good song… any individual set of music could contain a bit of country, rock, blues, folk, pop… and more!

Adtunes, the leading source of advertising music information, welcomes you! As the premiere site about ad music, Adtunes features the longest running and most popular forum about songs featured in television commercials, movie trailers, television shows, movie soundtracks, and more.

American Routes
American Routes is a weekly two-hour public radio program produced in New Orleans, presenting a broad range of American music — blues and jazz, gospel and soul, old-time country and rockabilly, Cajun and zydeco, Tejano and Latin, roots rock and pop, avant-garde and classical. Now in our 15th year on the air, American Routes explores the shared musical and cultural threads in these American styles and genres of music — and how they are distinguished.

Art Ford’s Jazz Party
Three episodes of the show are available at the Internet Archive. The show ran for about six months in 1958. Coleman Hawkins, Buck Clayton and Roy Eldridge are among those appearing in the archived episodes.

Austin City Limits
Great music. No limits. Now the longest-running music series in American television history, ACL showcases popular music legends and innovators from every genre. In addition to being honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum as a rock and roll landmark, ACL is the only television program to ever receive the National Medal of Arts, the nation’s highest award for artistic excellence.

Black Cab Sessions: One Cab. One Song. One Take.
Black Cab Sessions started in 2007 because we wanted to see music differently. To provide audiences with an alternative to glossy promos, something that brought them closer to what excited us about music – the magic and intimacy of a live performance. So we filmed artists perform on the back seat of a London black cab, in one take. A mobile recording studio on wheels, complete with a constantly surprising and shifting vista. It’s a journey that has seen us take the black cab over the Atlantic exploring the sounds of America’s cities, and with over 200 sessions and 40+ million views, the meter is still running.

Classic Later with Jools Holland
Jools Holland was an original member of Squeeze and has hosted a BBC program since 1992. Here are some highlights.

Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert
In 1972, ABC Television hired song publisher Don Kirshner as an executive producer and consultant for their new “In Concert” music series which ran every other week in The Dick Cavett Show slot. The show, featuring acts like Alice Cooper, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and The Steve Miller Band, was highly successful, even occasionally topping NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.  The following year, Kirshner left ‘In Concert’ to launch his own syndicated weekly rock program, “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.”  On September 27, 1973, ‘Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert’ premiered featuring The Rolling Stones first American television performance in over four years.” A show by show listing is at The Vintage Rock TV Archive listed below.

The Ed Sullivan Show
Many unforgettable moments took place on Sullivan’s stage including the three historic appearances of Elvis Presley in 1956-57 and The Beatles’ U.S. television debut in February 1964. The Sunday night showcase also benefits from the fact the musical performances on the show were almost always performed live — whether they were pop, rock, jazz, Broadway, opera, classical, etc. The library also includes great comedians, novelty acts, children’s favorites and appearances by film and theater stars as well as top names from the worlds of sports and politics.

From the Basement
Here lies the website of From the Basement – A sort of music show / labour of love produced by a small group of dedicated individuals and with the sound produced by me.

The whole emphasis of the show is about being artist friendly and making our bands as comfortable as possible so that they can give great performances without the usual agony of TV promo which everyone has to do but no one seems to enjoy.

Laura Marling

Hullabaloo is a blog about music and how it connects us. Music writing by free-association with a focus on marginalized artists since 2014.

Jazz Corner is the largest portal for the official websites of hundreds of jazz musicians and organizations with more than a 1/2 million pages views a month. We pioneer practical methods of using technology to benefit the Jazz community, and offer customized solutions for individual Jazz musicians as well as Jazz organizations and businesses. custom designs and hosts websites as well as provide links from musician’s sites to the portal.

Jazz on the Tube
Jazz on the Tube is the biggest annotated and indexed online collection of jazz videos on earth – and it’s free.

The Johnny Cash Show
Besides being one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century, Johnny Cash had a television show in which many of the greats – from Louis Armstrong to Neil Young to Derek and the Dominoes – appeared. I could find a show repository, but this story at The Real Easy Ed has some great clips.

Live From Daryl’s House
Daryl Hall started Live From Daryl’s House, the free monthly web show in late 2007, after having the idea of “playing with my friends and putting it up on the Internet,” and the show has since garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone, SPIN, Daily Variety, CNN, BBC, Yahoo! Music and influential blogger Bob Lefsetz, who cited Live From Daryl’s House as a perfect example of a veteran artist reinventing himself in the digital age by collaborating with both established colleagues and newer performers.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications
The Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) collects, preserves and presents historic and contemporary radio and television content. It also educates, informs and entertains the public through its archives, public programs, screenings, exhibits, publications and online access to its resources.

National Recording Preservation Board
Each year since 2002, the National Recording Preservation Board (NRPB) and members of the public have nominated recordings to the National Recording Registry. The depth and breadth of nominations received highlights the richness of the nations’ audio legacy and underscores the importance of assuring the long-term preservation of that legacy for future generations.

National Recording Preservation Foundation
The NRPF is an independent, non-profit charitable corporation that, with your help and that of other donors, offers grants and assistance to the nation’s archives, libraries, cultural institutions and others who are committed to preserving… the Sound of America.

Music. Radio broadcasts. Speeches. Spoken word. Oral histories. Poetry.

The National Recording Preservation Foundation is mandated by an act of Congress to help find, preserve and make accessible the recorded history of the United States.

The NRPF is an independent, non-profit charitable corporation that, with your help and that of other donors, offers grants and assistance to the nation’s archives, libraries, cultural institutions and others who are committed to preserving… the Sound of America.

Nostalgia Central
My intention is for Nostalgia Central to be a giant online scrapbook looking back at five decades of music, movies, television, pop culture and social history.

It is full of photographs and images, incidents and anecdotes, facts and figures, which will strike a light in the memory of anyone who lived through these decades, evoking all kinds of half-forgotten experiences and memories.

Alas, my love of (my wife would say “obsession with”) the music, television and pop culture of the second half of the 20th century has never provided me with an income, and in the “real world” I have worked in the world of information technology since the 1990s.

NPR: Tiny Desk
Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR’s All Songs Considered features your favorite musicians performing at Bob Boilen’s desk in the NPR Music office.

The Old Grey Whistle Test
The Old Grey Whistle Test began on 21 September 1971. As the only regular outlet for non-chart music on television, it provided many seminal musical moments for its dedicated viewers, with performances from artists as diverse as Bob Marley, Free, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Roxy Music and Randy Newman. It also made “Whispering” Bob Harris the archetypal laidback presenter. The first presenter of The Old Grey Whistle Test was rock journalist Richard Williams. Williams explained the title in the Radio Times: “Before a new record is released a rough mix is played to the grey-haired doormen. If they can whistle the tune after hearing it once, it passes the ‘old grey whistle test’ and is released” (Description: BBC). Here is a week by week listing of performers and songs.

The McIntosh County Shouters

Retro Video
Retro Video Inc. possesses the entertainment industry’s most extensive footage licensing library of music and comedy performances, as well as a broad selection of celebrity interviews, with first and early appearances by many of today’s major stars. (Editor’s Note: There seems to be no video available free at this site. Its value is in what seems to be a comprehensive listing of bands, music programs and culture in general.)

Can I Digg It? Yes You Can!

Welcome to your interactive Hip Hop Sample Community This is an interactive Hip Hop Sample Directory. The Database can be browsed, searched and filled up by everyone.

Six Beats Of Separation
At Six Beats Of Separation celebrity guests share a song that has deep personal meaning to them in long-form video interviews where passion and sincerity outweigh form and composure.

During these interviews celebrity guests share their love of the song, their love of music, their feelings and findings, their experiences, their humanity, their love of making the world a better place via sharing, and most of all their love for a cause (or causes!) and the organizations they support that are doing the work to champion these causes and make the world a better place.

Sessions at West 54th

Sessions at West 54th is an American television program that featured music performances, and was in some ways a pop music variation on the theme set by the long-lived Austin City Limits, though the featured musicians represented a number of musical genres. It was called Sessions at West 54th because it was taped at Sony Music Studios on West 54th Street in Manhattan. [Description: Wikipedia, which has an easier to see list of artists who appeared on the show, though doesn’t link to the videos. It was a very good show.]

Soul Train
Pop music has always had shows like American Bandstand to sing its praises, but R&B music had to wait a while for its own major weekly showcase. Just the same, Soul Train proved to be well worth the wait when it hit the airwaves in the 1970s. This weekly extravaganza, which showed off the latest and greatest in soul music and dance moves, became a national sensation in the mid-1970s and became a pop culture juggernaut that broke new ground for African-American entertainment.
Soundtrack.Net was founded in February 1997 by Dan Goldwasser and Amelie Koran. They developed and operated the site (then known as “SoundtrackNet”) for over a decade, including absorbing (which was founded in mid-1996).

In October 2011, the site was acquired by Sean Saulsbury, through his company Autotelics, LLC. Today, Soundtrack.Net is the authoritative source for news and information about composers, movies and television soundtracks, albums, original scores, and songs in movies.

The SoundtrackINFO Project
This project is designed to help you find information about movie soundtracks. Search by movie, song, composer, performer. Not happy with results? Publish your query so others may help. For film fans who know their movie soundtracks, participate in the project by answering reader’s questions or contribute some movie music trivia. Leaving feedback is easy – no account is required.

Taj Mahal

They Shoot Music
Live sessions & portraits of your favorite bands. They Shoot Music is a music website featuring intimate and exclusive videos. We film unique performances and portraits of internationally renowned artists and discover local music scenes. Our aim is to capture an intimate musical moment and a snapshot of the everyday life of people and places.

Top of the Pops
Top of the Pops, also known as TOTP, is a British music chart television programme, made by the BBC and originally broadcast weekly between 1 January 1964 and 30 July 2006. It was traditionally shown every Thursday evening on BBC1, except for a short period on Fridays in mid-1973 before being again moved to Fridays in 1996, and then to Sundays on BBC Two in 2005. Each weekly programme consisted of performances from some of that week’s best-selling popular music artists, with a rundown of that week’s singles chart. Additionally, there was a special edition of the programme on Christmas Day (and usually, until 1984, a second such edition a few days after Christmas), featuring some of the best-selling singles of the year. (Description: The Culture Wiki)

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Vintage Rock TV Archive
Unfortunately, there are no videos at the site. It offers long and precise lists of rock television performances, show by show, for France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the US. The American shows are “ABC In Concert,” “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert,” “Something Else” and “The Midnight Special.”

Not only does WhatSong provide the official soundtrack from the latest movies and television shows, we provide the complete list of songs with scene descriptions. Our content is generated from a combination of our admins as well as our users, so feel free to sign up if you want to contribute.