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It is awesome what you do. I don’t have time to read through everything or listen/search for the musicians you mention that I don’t know, but I am always eager to find new music. I appreciate a lot your work…You know, there are people that just let the life and world go by, and others that try to make it better. Your passion for music and the spreading of it belongs to the second group.

Javi P.


I wish I had a way to let more people know about a wonderful on-line treasure known as The Daily Music Break. The name only hints at the reality of what it really is:  a site that enables us to celebrate the joy of music.  TDMB is so much more than a dumping ground of musical clips.  It is, instead, a site that looks back, forth and sideways at all genres of music . . . old, new, local and worlds away.

Walter W.