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Blaze Foley: “Clay Pigeons”


I believe, but am not certain, that I first heard this great Blaze Foley song at the site Crooks and Liars. In any case, it made a deep impression. I Googled Foley and found out that he was an eccentric who was  killed in Austin in 1989.

Here is a bit from the Wikipedia entry:

Foley placed duct tape on the tips of his cowboy boots to mock the “Urban Cowboy” crazed folks with their silver tipped cowboy boots. He later made a suit out of duct tape that he used to walk around in. At his funeral, his casket was coated with duct tape by his friends.Townes Van Zandt was quoted as saying that “he’d have to dig Foley up to get the pawn ticket for his guitar that was in his pocket”.

Here is Merle Haggard’s version of If Only I Could Fly and John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark and Joe Ely doing My Baby Don’t Tolerate on, appropriately, Austin City Limits.

Here is an interesting six minute documentary about Foley, a site that links to other sites about him and three songs: Oval Room, an unnamed tune performed with Townes Van Zandt and Small Town Hero.